30 June 2010

Mamma's Got A New Castle

The foundation is finished with everything leveled out. Several trees had been cut down that were in the way. Now the time had come to move the wooden shed which is now being known as my garden house. My father and hubby built it when we first moved here. Remember when we moved the greenhouse down the hill using the tractor and trailer? That was an experience! This time we were playing it a little bit safer!! A wrecker aka tow truck was called in to do the job! We found a guy who said he had moved buildings before so he came by this morning to take a look to make sure it could be done. After all we live on a hillside or as hubby puts it the top of a little mountain. So the guy had an audience with hubby and son-in-law pitching in to help when needed while my daughter and I stood there and watched.

It took a good 20+ minutes to even get it to this angle.

Finally he had it pulled out of the "hole"

And was able to pull it more onto the flat bed

Even this looked scary to me! Many times my daughter and I were "oh my goodness!"

Power/cable lines were not a problem here at all.

Down the hillside he goes

If you notice in this photo hubby has a stick that he would use to push up the cable lines if needed. The driver was so impressed with it! He told hubby you would not believe how many times he had to climb onto the truck with a broom stick to push wires out of the way. I later on saw hubby strapping it on to the truck for the driver to keep!

Come on back

This part wasn't too bad, however, this was the hillside so it was uneven

Backing up to the foundation blocks and concrete. Hubby had put skids underneath the garden house along with rods a long time ago just for this very reason. It helped the guy lock onto it.

Almost there

Right about here it was sitting crooked, made me nervous! although it was all strapped down safe enough.

Getting ready to lower down

Checking out to make sure it would line up

Using a come along to help wench it in place

Son-in-law got an arm work out with it!

Then hubby worked it

Pull that come along!!!

Almost there....

Finally! Sitting in its new home!!

See my French doors leaning against the tree? I'll have windows too, and later on a porch!

We will be putting rocks underneath and on the side of the hill next to it to make a rock wall so the dirt won't keep washing underneath it. Then will come the painting, closing the inside walls in with a paneling which hubby said is cheaper than sheet rock. After that is all done I can decorate it, move my roses around, add more flowers, goodness so much to do!!
As the driver got it all set into place he looked over at me and said, "Mamma's got a new castle"!
I got a big smile on my face, and said yes she does!!


Erika's Crafts Corner said...

It really is interesting how they move a building like that. I once watched them move a whole house and to me it looked real scary at times. Kept thinking, it's going to fall over, but it never did.

Looks like you picked a much better place for it to go and so much brighter. Well, I hope you enjoy it lots and I will come back to see it in further updates.

Have a great day....Erika

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I was a complete nervous wreck just READING and looking at the pics!!! I found by the end of the post I was holding my breath---LOL!!! What a help I would have been....NOT.
It was amazing to see and glad they did so well!!!
Happy days to you there!


Doris Sturm said...

Bet you're glad that's done :-)

I watched my friend's entire house being pulled from one place to the next. They had to make quite a few adjustments for that building to fit down that narrow dirt road.

I had never seen that before.

Enjoy your Castle :-)

Anke said...

Wow that was a lot of work moving you little castle. I'm glad everything worked out and you now get gussy it all up.
Have a wonderful day, Anke

Rosine said...

Hallo Ulrike, es stimmt also doch. Amerikaner fahren ihre Häuser durchs Land.
Wenn du dann das Haus mit Lavendel Farbe anmalst und deine neue Tür eingebaut ist und deine Rosen gepflanzt hast, sieht es bestimmt toll aus.

Liebe Grüße

Roses and Lilacs said...

Lucky to find a truck with a roll back bed. I remember watching my husband move a shed. They had to jack it up on beams to get the truck bed under it.

Good job:)

CIELO said...

Hi Ulrike... I see so much potential in that little house... a glorious fairy house I see! ;) The name of the rose you commented about in my blog is called "Golden Unicorn".... is a lovely bushy shrub with dark olive green leaves... I just love it!

Have a lovely day..


Julie Marie said...

Hi Ulrike... oooh I love your new castle! How fun to decorate, plant roses, etc... I started my little rose cuttings and some of them already have new growth! Thanks for your help... xoxo Julie Marie

Akaleia said...

Dear Ulrike,
this will be really a little new refugium for you......a good idea!
With a new colour, the other door, a lot of plants arround the house it will be a wounderful relaxing place.

Trädgårdsmakare Hillevissan said...

Dear Ulrike,
What a great project! I am happy for your future use of the lovely little "hut"..

Greetings from Stockholm, Hillevi.

Rosine said...

Dear Ulrike, my rose becomes first still 6 m long, now it maybe has 2 m. She is called Paul's Himalayan Musk is pink and a Rambler-climbing rose. Lots of love Rosine

Denise said...

A garden house - how perfect. I couldn't figure out where to post on my blog for you :0 If you would like to use an everyday staple instead of creme fraiche I would use sour cream (not low fat). It's not exactly the same but the closest texture. Bon Appetit!

Mary said...

You will love re-doing the little shed and turning it into a perfect mini-castle! Reminds me a lot of my potting shed which I gussied up with purple shutters, a stencilled floor etc. I did have electricity run to it but no water.

Have fun renovating - that was some move!!!

Lori said...

I got several mini-panic attacks just watching! It is too cute and you will have to show details of your new "porch" soon! I'll put up my pics of my new patio when it's done if you show yours, deal?

Dianna said...

Absolutely amazing to watch the process of "the move"! Thanks for sharing, Ulrike.

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