14 June 2010

I can finally sit down!

By that title you would think, boy, you have been really busy! Well, yes and no. Our air conditioner went out two and a half weeks ago. My daughter's last year, and ours this year. Can you see the gray hair that have sprung up overnight?!!!
Fortunately the weather was not too bad, and I would spend most of my time outside working in the garden (which in my case why bother as the weeds/grass have really taken over). I've been a real trooper though! Weeding, planting, etc.. You would think that with all of that I have been getting enough exercise! I have been trying to whittle the "old" waistline down with a exercise cd. Denise Austin is really great, and I wish she would be back on tv as that really makes you exercise, no excuses!! Anyway, I decided I would hop on my old stair stepper (and I do mean old) for a short time. It went great, or so I thought!! Went to the store shopping with my daughter, bent down and could barely get back up! Oh oh! From there it went downhill!! Just trying to sit, oh boy! that was a joke!! So I headed off to the massage lady who said I had just done too much. My body was ok with gardening, weeding, digging, but it did not like the machine so it protested big time! Sigh, I'm getting old....!!! As she put it she knows that for me to tell myself to take a break would be hard to do so she was telling me to take a break!!!
Do you know how hard it is just to do nothing with all the plants crying for my attention?!!

These are just some of the ones that I had bought. My local place had geraniums three 18 packs for $15! Then I went back and they had marked it down to 3-18pk for $10!! Woohoo! I love geraniums as they last all summer long so I could not turn them down. The only thing is that they only had certain colors which seemed to be the case everywhere I went, and nobody had the wax leaf geraniums. Of course hubby looks at me like where in the world are you going to put all of these?!! Course some of them I'll share, some I'll put into the ground which will be a first for me as we have the red clay dirt here, but hey, if they survive I'll be a happy camper.
At least something will be growing! I don't know if it was our crazy spring or what yet it seems the veggie garden is just not doing too much; except for the weeds/grass. If you want grass in a certain spot just try and grow something!
I have forced myself to rest which has been hard. We were wanting to go to Savannah to get some shrimp, and a little break over the weekend. I decided against it which was probably a good thing. I guess I just needed the rest. It would have been nice to be able to sit on this chair and visit, but that crazy nerve just would not let me. I did a lot of walking around, and had to take this photo to show you this rose bush in the backyard.

Look how it made this beautiful cluster! To me it looks like a bridal bouquet!

This rose came about from my grandmother. She was cutting hers back; throwing the trimmings down the hill so I grabbed one. When I got home I just stuck it in the dirt! Never thought it would grow, but it does with wonderful blooms till fall, and yes it does have a wonderful fragrance!
Now for someone who hasn't been on lately I hope I haven't bored you to death! I've been a little chatter box here!!! Guess I better get busy with something else....like buying some groceries!!
Oh, and by the way we have air!! Got it this past Friday all hooked up and running great! Hubby did a terrific job, and it's a good thing since we are having temps in the high 90's to close to 100!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That rose is MAGNIFICENT!!! And I truly feel for you with your back, since I have had back problems since I was 20. (lifting a piano into the back of a truck....can you spell STUPID?????)
While you're resting, come by the blog and sing up for the current giveaway! Everyone is being silly in their comments, so there is a lot of laughter there!
Get well dear---SOON!


Julie Marie said...

Hello Ulrike... do hope you are rested and feeling much better... I know what you mean about taking a break, I never do either! Until I absolutely HAVE to because I have overworked myself... I LOVE your rose from your grandmother's cutting... so very pretty! And filled with your grandmother's love... xoxo Julie Marie

Doris Sturm said...

Nice to see you back, Ulrike, I was wondering what you are up to...besides gardening ;-) Your roses look lovely. I think I may have the same kind. They're heirloom roses and cluster like that. Mine have the most delishious scent of honey and make for a really fragrant potpouri...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care of yourself and don't overdo it.

Best regards,
Doris :-)

Denise said...

ouch to the back issues. I feel your pain and love my massage therapist. the roses are to die for and they look like a bouquet - a gift from your grandmother - how sweet!

Mary said...

Sorry to hear you overdid dthings dear - hope you are soon feeling well and are pain free. Backs are delicate and we really have to watch how we move, bend etc. as we become ladies of a certain age!!
Mine goes out now and then but thankfully I had no problems at all on safari - even with all that climbing and bending to get into tiny planes, helicopters, boats and Land Rovers..........and I even lost weight doing it, ha! ha!

Rest up and tell the garden you'll be out planting again soon.

Hugs - Mary

Northern Shade said...

You got a fantastic deal on geraniums. That is a lot of blooms for such a small amount. The spare spots around your garden will be brimming with flowers. The pre-made rose bouquet is adorable.

Take care of your back.

Dianna said...

Ulrike! It was SO wonderful to see another post from you! I'm really sorry to hear about your back. Hope you will soon be as good as new. It strikes me funny that you see yourself as "old".

Your flowers are beautiful. My grandmother always had geraniums too. She'd take slips off of them in the fall and bring them inside and then use those to start new pots for the next year. She didn't seem to have a lot of luck with bringing them inside as a whole plant for the winter.

But that rose bush is absolutely gorgeous! It does look like a bridal bouquet. Those older roses like that are so special!

Dianna said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ulrike. I spent some time on the internet this morning and I'm pretty sure that the first picture of the red flower is Monarda (I was spelling it incorrectly in my post). It is often referred to as "Bee Balm". But the picture below that one is close in color...but a totally different plant. I wouldn't even know how to begin to find out what that one is.

NinaH said...

Lovely rose!
I´ve been trying to figure out in what area you live.... You seem to have a fantastic climate!...
I also love Pelargoniums (Geraniums)! I have a lot and keep them inside during the winter (and add some new ones to the "collection" every year!;-). But it have raining so much here this year so I still haven´t let them outside yet! (Never been this late! Terrible year!) But first day of our Summer Hollidays tomorrow- then I will!;-)
Be careful now- with you´re back and during your exercises!;-)

Babydoll1962 Kreativ Ecke said...

Hello Ulrike,
Thanks for your comment!
Funny to see comments of Doris and Dianna here, I know them too. They often stay on my blog. Dianna and I
doing every Wednesday together Wednesday/ Tinsday.
You could see on my blog on the right side a translater, so it would be easier to read it.
You have wonderful Roses , if you wait until Fridy you will see my red rose. We have a little garden.
You see the world could be so small, if you only want to let her in.
By the way stop running and have a rest!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I love geraniums too. That is a great price you got for all of them, I'd buy loads too! The trimming from your grandma's rose is so beautiful. I have a huge geranium plant from some cuttings I took from my grandma many, many years ago so I know just how much keeping those beautiful plants going means. Happy planting Ulrike!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi, so glad you came by and entered the giveaway! Love the roses and geraniums. Now take care of yourself and feel better!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Ulrike!!!

OMG!! I just got your package! Click on my profile and e-mail me when you get a minute!!!



Julie Marie said...

Hello again Ulrike... I sent you an email, if you get a chance, can you please email me back... I would like to know how you planted the little rose cutting from your grandmother's garden... I took some snippings yesterday from that little old abandoned place I love and I want to try to start them... thanks! xoxo Julie Marie

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