15 November 2010

Blue Butts

It is a cold, rainy Monday here, and ACK! there is a leak in my skylight overhead of me. Oh boy, something else to fix! Well, back to my story.
Blue butts. Very interesting.
So, how did this come about? A little tidbit hint....#72.


Comfrey Cottages said...

#72? Once we took I took my children to the zoo in the spring, and for some reason I can't remember, all of the boy monkeys testicles were painted blue! Oh my gosh what a memory as my then 4,3, and 2 year olds were full of curiosity!;-) lol

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

So sorry to hear about the leakage. Hope it will be fixed soon! Those blue butts made me smile. The sheep look very stylish!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Rosine said...

Hello Ulrike,
this is practical. There the wool is quite blue for the blue pullover.
Have a nice day

Southern Lady said...

How funny!!! Carla

Donnie said...

Don thinks it's something to do with spraying their tails with a substance to keep the fly's off their back area. He said "I never know what you're reading there"....lol....

Doris Sturm said...

#72 is not a hint for me, Ulrike, but it only confuses me more LOL but then I get confused easily these days - thanks for stopping by. It's finally raining here too today. Been waiting for it... I just love rainy days for staying inside and crocheting whilst listening to Christmas music and having my tree lit (I know, I'm just a Christmas addict!)
Auf Wiedersehen,
Doris und Gizzy

monika said...

..no idea..please tell us!!

Merisi said...

I imagine those naughty sheep seeping daintily at a barstool, sipping huckleberry Hickory Nut Daiquiri! ;-)

Sorry about the leak, hope you can get it repaired swiftly!


Dianna said...

I've not been leaving comments every time, Ulrike, but have enjoyed so much all of the posts you've been doing on the B&B that you visited. It's beautiful. I love the area around Asheville also. Our son and daughter-in-law lived in the Greenville area for a few years. I always enjoyed the drive back to WV in the fall of the year. The trees were beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Do you do a lot of baking for Christmas?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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