14 November 2010

And on this farm there was

And on the B&B farm there were
Some chickens! With a Cluck Cluck here
There were some ducks! With a quack, quack
There was a turkey! (oooh better run, Thanksgiving is coming up!) Gobble, gobble
There were lots of sheep....baaa baaaa
Lots of cows other than Lolita and family! Moooo Moooo
There were some peacocks Aeeaaah, Aeeaaaah, ok, not so good with the peacock sound!
There were some watch dogs Woof, woof
To watch the sheep and be loved by guests! Woof!
I missed the cats, but they were there too! Meow.......hope you enjoyed the farm animals! Now, Old MacDonald had a farm.......................................
P.S. Mr. Turkey is safe, he is there for looks so he can strut around!


Donnie said...

That was a great place to spend the weekend. I loved the way you presented the pictures. Really cute. Have a great weekend.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well thank heavens Mr. Turkey doesn't have to run for his life!
Loved seeing all the birds and animals---so much fun!
(so much WORK too!)


Anja said...

What a nice post:))!
Speaking of animal sounds: In Finnish
the dog says: "Hau hau", in Swedish:"Vovv, vovv" in Russian:"Gaff, gaff" - to name a few;))! So, it must occur language problems with the dogs if a dog travels aboard....hmmm!/Anja

Anke said...

The place is wonderful! Makes me want to pack my bags and go visit! You're lucky to have found it and to have been able to stay there.
Did you find the spinning wheel yet? I was talking to my mom yesterday and she said there used to be one in the attic at my grandmas house. Of course it is gone and nobody knows what happened to it. :-(
Those red mushrooms with the white dots are Fliegenpilze, really cute but poisonous. In Germany they are a good luck symbol and you used to be able to find them around new years. Now they are very popular and you can find them just about anywhere.
Have a beautiful Sunday,

Comfrey Cottages said...

Love it Ulrike! What a wonderful place:) so glad you had a few days to enjoy it there:) big hugs

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I was in Weaverville on Friday with a friend and thought about you and your stay there.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I am glad the Turkey is safe and you will have something else for your Christmas dinner :-)!

Happy day!

Lieve groet, Madelief

tina said...

You've been so busy enjoying this beautiful and meeting new folks-the animals are quite the bonus too. Lolita ever so sweet!

Rosine said...

Hello Ulrike, the animals on your photos are to be looked very nicely. Yes, I have sewed this Tilda doll myself. Is to be sewed just, besides, next called Maileg. Today appear here also the sun. Lots of love to you

I hope google translater did a good job?
The translater say:
I is to be learnt in it with interest a better one in English!
I say: I'm interesting to learn a better english!
Tell me what is right?


Strickfee-Pe said...

Here cluck, there .... Eines der wenigen englischen Lieder, die mir noch geläufig sind, liebe Ulrike.
Lieben Gruß und eine schöne Woche für dich von Petra

Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely collection of animal photos. That turkey can come up and stay with me as our Thanksgiving is over.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a beautiful farm. It's comforting to know places like this still exist. So glad Mr. Turkey is safe here, but I'm sure he feels the same way.

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