09 July 2012

Wishing I was sailing

I must say this heat across the country has been extremely hard. Not only on us, but on all the "critters" as well. My poor chickens are even walking around panting so I'm sure they are thankful for the woods where they can dig plus have some shade too. There has been so much to do around here. I am trying to keep the gardens alive along with my roses and perennials; the annuals will just have to struggle. I have been digging dirt up from the old chicken pen to add to my gardens along with digging from the mulch pile. From the few storms that came through and dumped extra limbs plus the spiny balls from the sweet gum trees which if you step on one of them you can go flying! I spent a good part of today raking all of that up so we can keep our feet firmly planted. I would love to cut some of those down, however, they do shade the house quite a bit.
I've never been sailing before, however, this looks like the perfect thing to do in all of this heat! This was taken up in Connecticut last year. A couple of months ago my daughter tried to talk me into getting an above ground pool which we have had before in the past. Living on a hillside here doesn't leave too many places to put one. I am thinking now that might not have been a bad idea! Oh well. I believe I am going to look for some aspirin now.....that bad rake did a number on me!

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Mary said...

Yep, I'd like to be sailing or swimming right alongside you Ulrike!!! This heat has been terrible - I was amazed to return to such high temps., meanwhile in the UK they are chilled and waterlogged with some serious flooding - not a bit like Summer.

In Africa it was lovely - cold at night (it's Winter in the sub-Saharan countries now) but beautiful during the daytime, 70's and clear blue skies, no wind or rain. We had such an amazing time and even Bob admitted it was the experience of a lifetime - he loved it all!

Home for a while now and need to tackle my garden IF it would just cool off a bit. So many things have died - or look like they're about to - and it's impossible to save them I fear. Thankfully we skipped veggies this year - they would never have made it with us gone for 3 weeks - couldn't expect the neighbors to be bothered with all that watering work.

Hang in there dear - hope the bees are happy!
Miss you - love to you, C and L.

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