06 June 2012

The squirrels and the Lil' Fairies

I'm not sure if these are little fairies or not, one of my German blogger friends might know,  but is this not the cutest plant holder?
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This was taken when we were in Germany way too long ago, and I took this photo through the window. I always liked how they dressed up a window with a scenery, and looking back I am thinking to myself why didn't I buy this?!


Silke said...

I so agree with you, Ulrike, the window displays in German stores are really something. Especially flower shops and little gift boutiques. Maybe I'll take some pictures when I'm visiting my family later this summer.

Loved all your photos from Mystic Seaport and the flowers in your yard!!

Hugs, Silke

Anke said...

I think they are little fairies, "Waldfeen" I would guess. I'm with you, I love how they dress up windows, especially the florists.

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