28 April 2011

A prayer for our blogger friends

Where we live in Georgia we were not as affected by the tornadoes last night as others.  They seemed to go a little north and a little south of us although we were under a warning once.  Yesterday I was very thankful that my family from Germany were able to get on their flight and head back home before all of this happened.
Last night I remembered that a very sweet blogging friend, Anke from http://cox-himmel.blogspot.com/ lives in Alabama where a lot of the devastation occurred. I sent out an email to her, but as of yet have not heard from her. Please say a little prayer for Anke and her family that all is well with them, and of course prayers to all other families and our special blogging friends.
Take Care,

11 April 2011

Purple & White

Colors that first show up around here in early spring are purple and white.  Dogwoods are absolutely beautiful this year.  This one is at our neighbor's house.
Can you believe the color on these pansies? If it wasn't for that little speck of purple you would almost think it was black!
I love these little things.  These are all the pots I still have to plant that were dug up from up the hill where we first placed them six years ago.
These white irises are so old.  There was an old homestead on this land so that is why we have them.
To tell you the truth I have no idea what type of bush this is yet I know the bees like it!
Could not resist throwing in a little pink!  These have since gone away.
This is a dogwood growing in the back yard by my daughter. Look how it has a tinge of pink on it.

Well, it does have some white to it! An almond bush, I wished it bloomed longer yet it is very pretty and dainty.
Look at this beautiful wisteria! It has such a lovely smell to it too.
It has been growing up this tree forever!
I hope all of these photos turn out ok.  I'm unable to crop them right now since Picasa and blogger are still doing their crazy thing.  Everything is much greener now, and the leaves seemed to have magically come out overnight.  Of course, the pollen is here too....ah choo!
I have been very busy around here lately as we are expecting company from Germany.  Of course along with company it seems that everything wanted to break at once including our well pump.  The saying when it rains it pours has been very true here!  I apologize for not getting around to blog read lately nor posting that much although it is very frustrating when blogger has its problems. I'll try to get back soon to my blog reading as I do miss seeing what everyone has been up to!

07 April 2011

"Late" Spring Flowers

Late on posting that is. I am so hoping this will work as I tried again earlier, photos there for a few minutes, photos not there, very frustrating. This time I uploaded from my computer directly. Let's hope this works long enough for everyone to see!
Most of these flowers are now gone, a few holding on here and there, but they were lovely to look at during that time. Hubby liked the "flaming" tulip (I believe they call it the parrot) the best. He said it looked from a far as if it was on fire!
If these photos are still here in the morning then I know I'll be able to upload that way.

It is so good to see color again!

04 April 2011

Childhood cookies

Hmmm, what sounds good with a cup of tea? Oooh, I spy MY cookie tin, hubbys is the bigger one as he goes through cookies like its nothing. Of course he will raid mine if his is empty yet mine is not filled too often as I like certain kinds.

Yes! I have some left.  Oh boy the memories....you can slowly open up the tin while the aroma drifts out to remind me of my time in Germany as a child when my Opa would take us to the zoo or the fair in Hamburg.  Mmmm, peffernusse, my absolute favorite!  I bought these back around the holidays at Aldis.  I was so excited that they had them.  I started loading up my cart with them, six bags in all, and I asked my daughter if she would like some.  Of course her answer was yes, so I loaded two more in the cart!  That cracked her up, but I do so love them so she had to have her own. The other chocolate stars have the very rich smell of German chocolate, am I making you drool yet? There are a few stars left, everything else is gone.

Oh, oh, and then this past weekend we went with the neighbors and friends from Wisconsin to a farmers market close to Atlanta. It was ok, definitely had a lot of food, but their European section was not want I wanted it to be.  They had more Asian food.  However, they did have these......

Oh my goodness! We use to go to the German bakery with my Oma or my mom, and they would have the gigantic version of these yet in dark chocolate.  So good.....they have a marshmallow center that is totally different from our marshmallows, sort of creamy, not real sweet, but delicious! So on the way back home I did share with the girls in the car, the guys were up front so they missed out, and I did share a few with my daughter.  Needless to say this box is now empty due to a certain female who could not just eat one! I did make it last for two days though!
So, this little oinker here needs to get back to cleaning house.  Company will be here in two weeks from Germany so I have been busy cleaning, and since it is raining it is the perfect time to get inside work done. When the sun comes out I'll be busy outside which is a good thing too with all of this "fluff" I've been eating!

Extra note.  I did this last week when I thought blogger photos were working.  Blogger did say that they were having problems with photos, and offered a few options to upload if you were in a hurry.  I hope this works this time as I have lots of photos to show.  
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