16 June 2011

Lavender & Hydrangea

I got another basket full of lavender this year.
The hydrangeas came from next to my daughter's house up the hill from us. That one did a beautiful job of blooming!
I was thinking of moving my lavender plants closer down the hill to us, but it is hard to find a full day of sunshine with all of the trees.  Hubby said I should just leave them, and take cuttings.  Has anyone taken a cutting of  lavender before and grown it successfully? I still have six original plants that are close to 10 years old.  This year since we got quite a bit of honey I am thinking of taking a few jars and making lavender honey! I've never tried it before yet it sounds good!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Ulrike, your lavender and Hydrangeas are just beautiful... I have never made lavender honey before but it sounds delish!... xoxo Julie Marie

Anke said...

Ulrike, I've taken cuttings from my lavender plant before. I took several cuttings, dipped them in rooting hormone and planted them in a pot. Out of about 6 or 8 cuttings, 2 took and are now planted outside. I am going to repeat this again this year and see if I'll have more success.

Rosine said...

I love both of them.
My Hydrangea are not blue, I'm sorry. They called "blue endless summer", but they looks like lavender.
Have a nice day, my dear!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

First, I am a delightful shade of envy green at that basket of lavender!!!!
Second, cuttings. I found that if I just pull a sturdy branch over, pin it to the ground and cover with dirt, it will sprout roots. In fact, my main plant died, but the limbs that had rooted themselves are living.
So that's a thought too, if you are hesitant to cut.


Expat Traveler said...

Love that second photo!!! Lavender honey sounds amazing and I think you should do it! I think I have tried it and it just gives it that extra delicious flavor!

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Lavender honey sounds good!!! You got a really big bunch. How heavenly it must smell.

Unfortunately I cannot advise you on taking lavender cuttings. I have done it myself before.

Happy day!

Madelief xox

Bine Beldecor said...

Dear Ulrike,
I love the scent of Lavender and Hydrangeas are one of my favorite plants... Lavender honey sounds so delicious... I had some Lavender planted near a big pine, but unfortunately they don't grew very well.... so I decided to find another sunny place for them...
I think a try is worth. Happy weekend for you
xoxo Bine

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Hydranga & lavender!! Mine are just beginning to bloom!!
Come on over to my blog as I am having a Southern Belle Giveaway!!

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Ulrike,

Finally today I could use the follow button on your blog (I'd made a note on May 27 to come back and try again...). You must live in the Carolinas than, for being able to grow lavender. Lucky you! Here in the heart of Georgia it is too hot.

Have a great Sunday/Father's Day.

Lots of love,


stadtgarten said...

Wow, what a o lot of lavender you have got! I love lavender!!! We have been to France for two weeks and spent 5 days in the Haute Provence, in some areas the lavender is already blooming. It was wonderful.
What are you doing with your lavender, are you using it only for decoration or do you cook with it?
Liebe Grüße, Monika

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have grown new plants from lavender cuttings, and it was quite easy! :)
I love your hydrangeas - so beautiful!

Mary said...

I've never tried cuttings but I did buy a few new plants recently and will be posting on my visit to the lavender farm. Today I cut a small bunch from my three older plants and have hung it to dry in the hot potting shed (of course everywhere is hot these days!).

I'm so missing hydrangea blooms this year - remember I had to cut the large bushes down to have the house painted last Fall - they have grown back a lot but no flowers this year - praying they bloom next year though!

Take care out there in this heat dear - and happy gardening.

Love, Mary

Anja said...

Gorgeous! /Anja

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love lavender. You have quite a lot! I only have one plant right now.

Dani said...

Ulrike - I managed to propogate from lavender cuttings.

I simply dipped them into some rooting hormone ( for this I used (in South Africa) Seradix B No 2) and then into some potting soil.

Added a dose of TLC and they rewarded me by growing LOL Easy-peasy :-)

Mary said...

Have a great Independence Day celebration Ulrike and Craig! We are staying home this year (usually go to New England), chilling out and taking it easy.....like old folks, ha! ha!

Love and hugs - Mary & Bob

Comfrey Cottages said...

so beautiful! You sure have a green thumb! xxxx

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