05 January 2011

When its cold outside

I dream of this nice beach in southern Florida!  The only bad thing is this past late November it got cold down there too.
A little boat bobbin along
Hubby told me to get my camera out for these next shots.  He was fascinated with these birds with the orange on them.  This was the first time we had ever seen these. 
Their eyes must be in the black portion or else they are asleep!
And these are a little different too
Looks like they are lining up on a run way!
A whole mess of the orange ones, and then there is the outsider in the very front
Remember Alfred Hitchcock move The Birds?  That is what I felt like when I made a movement and all of them swooped up into the air all around me!
They circled around the water
and came back in for a landing!
Nature provides a lot of entertainment!


Doris Sturm said...

I think so too...I love being outside this time of year. I love to bundle up and breathe well in this cold air - it's wonderful. Gizzy and I spend a lot of time outside now because when summer comes we're confined to inside with the A/C running all day - and I'm not looking forward to that. Wish I lived closer to that beach because I love walking on the beach without a bunch of people sunbathing or playing...that's not my cup of tea, but observing the birds like you did, I love it! I don't know those birds, but they sure are pretty! (Yes, I remember that movie!)

Southern Lady said...

Great pictures! Carla

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

where in florida were you in nov? i was in florida too the week of thanksgiving. i was in naples....
great pictures...

Hillside Garden said...

Very inspireing fotos!


stadtgarten said...

A beach like that is exactly what I am dreaming about at the moment.
We are having freezing rain this morning and I am not able to get out of our street! I can see the main road from my kitchen window, there the traffic is fluid, but no chance to get there!:( So a litle sunny Florida beach would be perfect!
Have a nice day, liebe Güße, Monika

Rosine said...

Liebe Ulrike,
der Winter, die Kälte, der Schnee müssen sein, damit wir uns auf die Sonne, die Wärme und den Sundowner freuen können!
Liebe Grüße aus der Kälte
die Rosine

Donnie said...

The view of the ocean is what I would love. A lot of the birds are gathering here in Central Florida too. Have a great day.

Dianna said...

AWESOME photos, Ulrike! I love being out in nature to enjoy God's handiwork! Thanks so much for sharing.

I also enjoyed the pictures from your January 1st post...especially the ones of your garden house!

Hope you have a wonderful new year, Ulrike.

Anke said...

I love those pictures of the birds. I've never seen those birds with the orange before.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I wish you and your family all the best for a Happy, Healthy & Green 2011! Hope you are all well!

Your pictures look very tempting. I wish I could escape cold, grey Holland for a sunny beach in Florida. It may be cold, but I think Holland is even colder at the moment :-)!

Craig took some great pics of the birds.

Enjoy your day!

Lieve groet, Madelief

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