30 March 2009

No voice no service

I lost my voice and then the next day our internet service was down. Boy, talking about a rough time!!!!!! It was like....withdrawal symptoms!!!! I mentioned the last time about sage tea for sore throats, however I did not make any that night. Barbara whose blog is Ramblings from an English Garden said that sage tea is very good for sore throats and even explained how long to steep it. I'll be keeping that advice for the next time, and since it is pollen time around here it may come sooner than I want. The one thing that I did do that afternoon was apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper with a little bit of water. You gargle with this mixture and believe it or not it really did work. I was able to get out a few words that evening, more the next day, and now I'm back to normal. Though I think a few people will be groaning right now!!!! I got this recipe off of earthclinic.com. They have sooooo much on there if you like taking a more natural approach, and also loads of information.
Our little creek is now a trickle, but more rain is coming. So, for now here are a few pictures that I took. Mind you, this is the first time I have seen water there in over 13 years!!!!
The fern fronds are peeking there heads out too!
Here is our 4 foot waterfall drop

Hubby and dog heading back for the house as it was starting to rain again.

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