25 September 2013

Welcome to Autumn

Could not resist sharing this photo from pinterest.  Beautiful colors.  Happy Fall everyone!

17 September 2013

A weeks worth of groceries

While surfing the net this morning I found this interesting article.  I believe we Americans eat a lot more junk food although in this household we do try to eat healthy.  We also don't eat out very often, mainly on road trips.  From seeing this it looks like Europeans (although they did have some things like here in America), and more third world countries eat a lot better than we do.
Pretty interesting.....take a peek at what people eat!

15 September 2013

A perfect gift!

Every time my I go somewhere I usually pick up a little something for my daughter.  This weekend she drove down to the beach in Florida to have a quick visit with her sister, nieces, and dad who were on vacation.  While out shopping she found my gift and was so excited about it, and her dad told her she had to buy it for me too.
Here's my gift:

Isn't this just the cutest?!  It actually is more of a teal color than the gray it is showing up, but on our very first trip out in the camper this is what I will wear!  Hope all of you are having a good Sunday too.

13 September 2013

Just call me "Camo Lady"....for now!

Goodness!  Where did the summer go?  We have had rain here pretty much all summer long until just recently.  We had gone most of the summer without even hitting 90 degrees except for the past few days.  Rain is a good thing, but when you stare at it all day long it just gets depressing.  Not to mention that my garden once again did not really grow that much although this year we did have beans.  Go figure!  For at least two years no beans and this year beans! 
So what have I been doing?  Staring at the computer looking at pinterest, facebook, etc..  No blogging, yep, I know I could have been visiting with all of you instead I just sat and stared at the computer.  I have said I need to get back to it so now it is written on my calender!  Why the pinterest and facebook?  Well, for years I have wanted an item, and I've finally gotten one.  It may be one of the things I say why didn't I look more closely at it?  Why did I say oh that's a good price, it will take a little bit to fix up, so what if it doesn't have that much?  What am I talking about?  We bought a little vintage camper!

Now I don't know why the pics are so small, everyone keeps asking me that question, but as the work progresses I will try to get them larger.  We believe it is a Shasta camper somewhere in the year range of 1968 - 1973.  It could be different, but as we have no other paper work I have been searching, and searching for information on it. 
Don't worry, it won't be camo color for long!  It was owned by several different hunters, and all that was in the inside was a bunk and table.  Big mistake for us since we have to furnish everything, however, we did find out never, ever, have tar on a camper roof (which they did) as it is one of the worst things to put on it.  Needless to say when it starting raining again we found leaks, and oh my goodness once we took the walls off, yikes!  More pictures will be coming with all of the progress.
So fellow bloggers, that has been my life this summer.  Unfortunately it has also given me the camper bug, and I have started looking for another one!  All I can say is I must be loved!  Bye for now!

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