15 July 2011

Mountain Nursery Color

I am so envious of all of this color! Nothing is doing well around here this year as we went from a cool, slightly rainy spring to a super, duper, high heat, high humidity, full blast summer. This was my favorite nursery to visit up in the mountains of North Carolina. It is a little pricey, however, all the "rich summer people" as we "locals" call them can afford it. There were a few things that were not too bad in price, and I might pop back in there the next time I go to visit my grandmother. Plus they might have some fall items I can also drool over!










I loved walking around there with my grandmother as we both have a love of flowers, and it was a fun thing to do.  Plus I actually ran into someone that works there that I had been in school with a long, long time ago (too many years to say!) so it was great catching up, finding out who she married, how many kids they have, etc.. She loves working there which would be a huge problem for me as I'd want to buy a lot of everything!  Now, I guess I'd better go do my evening walk about, sigh........gardening is a long process!

08 July 2011

Time to sit

I know I have been missing for a little while. My grandmother has been in the hospital for the past few weeks, but will be going home today or tomorrow. Company came in from Germany last night although they are staying with my parents. Then I had a quick trip to the beach with the girls, and then we finally finished our pond too.
Lots of photos to show, but very little time to sit down! I'll get busy soon, but I hope all is well with you and that you are having a great summer!
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