30 July 2017

Daisies on the Line

It has been busy around here.  With all that happened last year there is a lot of repair work that needs to be done on various things with one of them being my daughter's place.  Painting, repairs, tearing apart, and the list goes on. So yesterday we took a very short break and went with the neighbors to an estate sale.
Now I have been to lots of them, but this one was way different.  The brother and sister that had lived there bought everything and I do mean everything!  The place was packed full of things to the extent you could definitely saying hoarding, but oh my goodness where could you even begin!
The house itself was absolutely beautiful, but it was being torn down so you could buy fireplace mantels, lightening rods (yes, someone did)....such a shame since the house must have been the place back in the day.  Sorry no pictures of the house, way too many people there, and stuff everywhere.
However, when I saw this I thought it was just too pretty, way too much work done to it, and I crochet so who knows how long it took to make it.
It is huge!  When we got home I washed it and hung it out to dry, but isn't this pretty?  I'm glad I saved it, not sure where it will go yet, but I am going to appreciate it for a while.

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