16 June 2011

Lavender & Hydrangea

I got another basket full of lavender this year.
The hydrangeas came from next to my daughter's house up the hill from us. That one did a beautiful job of blooming!
I was thinking of moving my lavender plants closer down the hill to us, but it is hard to find a full day of sunshine with all of the trees.  Hubby said I should just leave them, and take cuttings.  Has anyone taken a cutting of  lavender before and grown it successfully? I still have six original plants that are close to 10 years old.  This year since we got quite a bit of honey I am thinking of taking a few jars and making lavender honey! I've never tried it before yet it sounds good!

10 June 2011

Small nursery in the mountains

I went up to the mountains of North Carolina this week as my aunt was in from Raleigh, and I always like to visit with her plus it had been awhile since I've seen my Grandmother. Of course one of the things my Grandmother likes to do is garden so off to the nurseries we went!
This was a smaller nursery, they did have a few nice things plus the man did give me a discount for dahlias (5 packs which we split) since I was buying them for my Grandmother.  She loves dahlias, was bound and determined to find some that day even if we had to drive further off the mountain or even to Asheville!
This  looks like a bird house water fountain.  The purple and yellow flowers with the grasses give it such a tropical look.

Ok, love, love, the color of this double begonia!  I don't know why since I have not had that color around in a while, but my Grandmother loved it too.  (This came from the first nursery we went to which had a lot more flowers so I'll share in another post.)  My aunt purchased the begonia basket for her so now it is hanging on the front porch.
My Grandmother said she really felt loved that day, and enjoyed being spoiled!  Of course when I spoke to her this morning she told me that she's planted her dahlias.....have I planted mine?  She's one spunky 93 year old!

09 June 2011

In the back

Can you tell that I've been busy?
Hubby built this little lean to on the back of my garden house so I can bring all my purchased plants and dirt there instead of on the carport. I like it much better plus the dog keeps me company while on the look out for squirrels!

02 June 2011

I want a new pad

I want a new pad said the frog.  The chickens got a new pad.
Yes, they did.  We worked on this for 6 weeks if not more!
I have a pathway going to them.
They have a nice strong fence to keep out the chicken hawks, skunks, etc., plus another run in the back. 
When they get used to their new "pad" then I'll let them roam the woods a bit. Plus I am making part of this area my new woodland garden.  I have started planting hostas, widow's tears aka spider worts are already there along with naturalized ferns.
Whoopee for the chickens!  So where is our new pad?
Ok, ok, little frog, here comes your new pad! I started digging it with a shovel this past weekend until hubby looked at me and said you know I could use the tractor on it!  I gave him "the look".  Good thing he wasn't close to the water!
Even the new little chicks that the neighbor gave us got in the act by cleaning up the worms!
Our dog thought it was the coolest place to be with this over 94/52grad temperature.
So this is the finished hole.  It looks deep, but it really isn't especially since it is built on a slope.  The water level will be about the same as the back, and if we want it deeper we will have to add dirt to the back to even out the front.  Then we have to "cut" a shelf in for the rocks and liner.
All my plants that I planted will need to be moved, but that's ok since I get to buy a few new ones too! Looks like it will be busy around here! 
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